CAST & CREW: Meet the magic-makers behind Moonlighting SF . . .

Host: Jenn Stokes

Jenn Stokes declares the purpose of her life is to bring fun and feelgoodness back to the people. It's an old adage for a new age. 

Just the Tip by Wells Day

Wells Day brings you just the tip and a quote each month, all in honor of our liberal bastion by the bay.  Wells has showered us with knowledge on National Masturbation Month and Hunky Jesus Contest, to name only a sampling. 

The Wizard: Megan Arnold
The wizard behind your Moonlighting SF experience, Megan is our crafty and creative genius. She is a jack of all trades and master of every single one of them. 



DJ and Co-host: Duserock

Duserock has been bringing heat to dance floors for almost two decades, opening for the likes of Sting and Sheryl Crow.  Photo by Irina Bourova. 


Varietone: David Lovendale

This Connecticut-bred cutie guarantees warm welcomes, impressive biceps, and a happy ending all in one evening. All for you.

The Ruler: Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis is not only brains and beauty, she rules the show. She keeps it moving and grooving all the way through to the happy ending.  

WALL OF FAME(ILY): We are eternally grateful these beautiful people are a part of the Moonlighting SF family.  


Host: Sean Keane

Sean Keane is a writer and comic from San Francisco, and a founder of "The Business," a weekly comedy showcase that was named "Best of SF". He has performed at SF Sketchfest and the Bridgetown Comedy Festival.  @LLCoolS

Varietone: Freddy Hernandez

Hubba hubba.


Freddy is an old soul from many generations over.  He has a love for all things yoga and vegan, and takes up a dedicated practice of rock climbing. Rumor has it, it's to fend off his many crazed lovers. 

DJ and Co-host: JOill

Hot on the 1's and 2's, JOill gets us grooving through the PREHEAT, keeps it real with Joe Tobin, and rocks a new do every show!

The Voice: Amanda Janik

Aiming to please all of your Moonlighting SF social FOMO, Amanda can also be found on stage for Mortified, SF Sketchfest, and SF Improv Fest! In her downtime she's your every day kick-ass woman. / @pandajanik

Varietone: Kyle Tennyson

Hubba hubba.


Kyle has devoted his life to theorizing, researching, and proving that eastern medicine + western (w)holistic habits ='s happy, healthy living. So that's pretty great.